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I just thought you guys would like to know that I just saw E2 on teevee. Here is what happened.

I was up, way too late, occasionally watching my daughter sleep and dream, occasionally watching TV. I was watching Space: The Imagination Station, Canada's answer to the Sci-Fi Channel. When I started writing this, it was about ten minutes ago (6 AM Mountain, 27 May 2007). There was a genuinely sub-par program on, called "Beyond", about the "paranormal" and the subject of the episode (specifically) was a gentleman called Charles Fort, along with assorted miscellany. Canadians, take note: the host of this particular episode was no less a paragon and multi-national icon than Alannah fucking Myles, so I can only assume this program is Canadian in origin. (Apparently in the block of time between Black Velvet and today, she dyed her hair blonde. Who knew.)

They were talking about the Fortean Times, &c., I was beginning to get bored, when up flashes a writeup from E2, by (of course) Pseudo_Intellectual. It was two (or three) paragraphs long, and I did not notice its title. The user was using default theme or was not logged in. I have no further information for you, just wanted to let you know I saw E2 on TV. It was weird there, for a second.

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