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This is definitely not how I thought I'd start with E2, but something kinda strange happened to me last night. It might not really be strange as mush is it was unexpected and I wanted to say it out loud, I think. I don't know if this writeup will live or go to node heaven.

A few months ago, I met this guy at college whom I liked, but (for a lot of really good reasons) I knew that nothing could ever happen between us; however, I still liked him, so I wanted to at least be friends with him and we did become really good friends. Then, he met my roommate and had a thing for her and though she didn't really and only liked him as a friend, but she agreed to start dating him "casually" after he insisted on it a LOT. So, she gave in to not hurt his feelings, especially that he's leaving soon anyway and she (and I) might not see him again anytime soon, if ever. They're both my friends, so I cheered for this and tried to push my roommate to be with him.

Anyway, last night, a bunch of us threw a surprise birthday party to one of our friends at a small pub we go to and eventually most of our friends left and then my roommate and the birthday boy decided to go back to the dorms leaving me and him alone. We sat at the bar for a little while where some flowers guy came and he bought me a couple of roses. Then, we went to another pub where some of our friends were, but they left us too and we ended up alone at the bar again talking about all sorts of things. He asked me if I liked my roses and then we started talking about music and he was writing down some songs that he liked and thought I would like too when he suddenly stopped, leaned back in his seat and his eyes became teary. When I asked him why, he didn't answer me for a few seconds, then he said, "Can I kiss you?" and I said, "No!" He looked down for a few seconds then he looked at a guy standing near by and was like, "Ben, can I kiss you?" I was laughing so hard when they actually did it. In fact, I made them do it again so I'd take a photo of it. What we didn't know is that the other guy was actually gay and I guess that explains why he didn't mind. Earlier in the night one of our friends mentioned that she had kissed her gay friend and he was like, "I'll never kiss a gay guy." but only a couple of hours later, he did it TWICE! It was hilarious though I was still kinda thinking about the fact that he asked to kiss me first. After that while I was still kinda shocked about what had just happened, he asked me if he could hug me then and again I just said, "No!" just like I did while laughing when he asked me if he could shake my hand at least. He was like, "How am I supposed to show my affection to you then?! Do I have to write you a poem?! Because I will if that's what it takes." I just laughed and said that he could do that.

Shortly after, we walked back to the dorms laughing about his kissing a gay guy and about how my heel broke and I was walking with one high heel shoe and one flat shoe. He seemed to be in as much disbelief as I was as he was saying that he wasn't even that drunk to kiss a guy. My roommate was disgusted to see the photo this morning. I asked her if she was ready to be shocked and what she had expected is that I had a photo of him kissing a girl though I didn't mention that my shocking story was about him actually, but she didn't see that one coming. Her problem mainly was that the guy was gay as she was yelling, "What if he fell for him?!" That was hilarious. It was just a weird night for me that I hadn't expected at all. He's leaving in 12 days for good and I'll miss him, but even if he was staying there's no way we can be together and I'm kinda OK with that. He's a good friend and I don't mind him being that.

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