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The McCain bros started their business in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada in 1957, and originally centred around all things to do with the humble chip. They make, among other things, fine foodstuffs such as:
Microchips - Chips in under 3 minutes!
Crinkle Cut Microchips - Same as above only crinkled version
American Style Oven Chips - Thin french fry style oven chips.
Original Oven Chips - Thick and crispy, mmmm.
Crinkle Cut Oven Chips - Same as above but crinkle cut.

Most of the oven chip brands that they produce are fried in sunflower oil, which when first marketed was said to taste like they had been fried in engine oil. Thankfully this was soon refined and now they taste as lovely as they ever did.

Lately the company has branched out into other microwave products in the same style as Microchips, these include Micropizza, which is a delicious oblong shaped piece of pizza microwaveable in only 3 minutes. lovely.

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