I saw Love getting off a city bus once.
Weary and disheveled, Love sat down next to me on the bench.
"Rough day I take it," I said.
Love shook his head.
"Sometimes I can be right there, in plain sight, and still I'm just not seen."
"Is it worth it?" I asked "What you do for a living?"
Love grinned.
"Every bit of it. Even if they totally missed me like today, I know I'll see them again. And next time I'll be sure to be a lot louder."
" Subtlety isn't for everyone," I countered.
Love laughed, "But love is. I'll never get laid off."

I would tell everyone later that day I saw Love at the bus stop wearing a fedora and that we chatted, but no one believed me.
"Love would never wear a fedora," one friend scoffed.
Made sense to me, though. Always thought Love had a pretty unique style.



*This did not really happen. I mean how could you recognize Love that easy?...

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