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This is the coolest looking miracle in the PC game Black and White. When you cast one of those easy to make stars on the ground (also called a gesture) or click on the icon in the temple, the cool little voice prompts you with "Mega Blast". When you cast this miracle, a nuclear blast god himself would be proud of, shoots from the sky. It starts as a laser with appropriate sound effects. After it hits the ground, a cone-looking thingy comes out of the ground and destroys anything inside it with a huge explosion (also with appropriate sound effects).

Now that was a description of the normal Mega Blast, when you build an Aztec wonder (or just have it available), you can cast Improved Mega Blast and Mega Blast Extreme. Now these are the same miracles except that more laser things shoot from the sky. In Mega Blast Extreme, about 30 shoot from the sky, causing enough devastion to blow up a big village, all in one shot. The Mega Blast Extreme requires 60,000 prayer power (holey shit), but it's worth it (oh yeah).

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