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Another game in the much-loved Mega Man X series, released in 1997 by Capcom for the PlayStation console.

As always, the format of the game has not much deviated from typical Mega Man fare. Side-scrolling arcade action abounds. The typical eight main bosses are present, as always. For those who are interested, a good order for beating these enemies would be

  1. Web Spider
  2. Split Mushroom
  3. Cyber Peacock
  4. Storm Owl
  5. Magma Dragoon
  6. Frost Walrus
  7. Jet Stingray
  8. Slash Beast
Naturally, use the weapon acquired from the last main boss to defeat the next one. I only know this order to work when playing as X, however; the game allows you to choose between playing as X, with his adaptable X-buster, or as Zero, with his smooth-ass sword tricks. It is possible that Zero has a different optimal order.

At any rate, this game has all the fun you'd expect from a Mega Man game combined with the superior graphic capbility of the PlayStation, and is definitely worth picking up for any fan of earlier Mega Man games. Be forewarned, though, that some of the final enemies are exceedingly difficult.

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