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Concept of Meme Warfare

For every meme complex there are some memes within it that detract from the power of the main complex as a director of one's actions. A person may despise the set of doctrines that guide another's behaviour, yet one of the memes driving his behaviour may prevent him from, oh say, killing you for having a different religion because of a pacifist meme within his own religion.

It is the strength of that pacifist meme within a meme complex that buys you time to embed other memes that a person will not outright reject and hopefully accept as being mostly harmless while detracting from the strength of the opponent's director complex.

Oh come on, it's only a fun movie. It's not like it will turn you into an idol worshiper.

Meme complex : Judeo-Christianity. Pacifist meme : fun. Subversive meme : Idol worship.

If the target's need for fun weakens his religious calling to not dwell on graven images, then it is possible to chip away at his religious principles piece by piece until he is a "reformed" X.

Business is business. Though we want to shun technology and dependence on others, it would be okay to electrify the barn, mold plastics and use computers because we can always close down the business when we have made enough money to become even more independent of others.

Meme complex : Amish. Pacifist meme : Money. Subversive meme : dependence.

Steps To Conducting Meme Warfare

1. Study the target meme complex and search for a pacifist "entry" meme that supports the complex as a whole but allows subtly weakening memes to be added to it.

2. Inject the subversive "rider" meme and subliminally weaken the meme complex.

3. Allow the subversive meme to take root and then plant as many other non-confrontational "harmless" memes to the pacifist meme or search the meme complex for another entry meme.

4. Increase the toxicity of each added meme until desired tenderness is reached.

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