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I saw the errors I had made and assumed full responsibility for everything.
Henry Miller, Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn

People born with Mercury in Capricorn are cautious, earnest and serious. Saturn rules Capricorn, which brings to the sometimes flighty Mercury a sense of stability and responsibility. But the Saturian overtones of Mercury in Capricorn can also make the native dogmatic and materialistic. Finding a good balance can be difficult for these people.

These people have excellent memories, especially for numbers. Fine, detailed work is also right up their alley. Like all earth signs, people with Mercury in Capricorn have a great deal of common sense and are very good at turning ideas in practical realities. They are very disaplined and hard-working. Some of these natives can come across as being humorless and they should strive towards more balance. They need to learn to laugh at themselves and relax occassionally.

People with Mercury in Capricorn are conservative and traditional. Capricorn is the sign most often associated with rules and regulations. They like order and have a need to do everything by the book. They excel in business, politics, science and writing, but run the risk of being intellectual snobs. Again, they need to develop their sense of humor and guard against sarcasm, or else they'll be seen as being cruel and mean-spirited. When necessary, they can be effecitve communicators and diplomatic.

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