A super-hero published by DC Comics. Merry first appeared in Star-Spangled Comics #81.

Merry Creamer was the daughter of "Fly Foot" Creamer, an acrobat. When he died, Merry was adopted by the Pembertons. Mr. and Mrs. Pemberton felt that their son, Sylvester was not getting enough contact with people his own age and so they adopted Merry, not only to help her, but as a companion for their son.

Merry soon discovered that young Sylvester and the family driver, Pat Dugan, had a secret. They were also the costumed adventurers, the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy. Not wanting to miss out on all of the excitement, Merry created for herself a costumed idenity as Merry, the Gimmick Girl or Merry, the Girl with 1,000 Gimmicks. She used different gimmicks in battle including smoke bombs and glue shooters. She joined in a number of adventures with her step-brother soon after her debut when Dugan was injured during one the their battles.

Merry's life becomes vague after this point. It has been revealed that she met and married the criminal mastermind Brainwave, whose real name was Henry King. The two had a son named Henry, Jr. who inherited many of his father's abilities and became the hero Brainwave, Jr.

Merry was believed to have died due to the grief caused by her husband's inability to reform. Recently, however, Merry has resurfaced as part of a group of former kid sidekicks known as Old Justice. They have come into conflict with the group Young Justice. Where Merry has been during this time has yet to be revealed.

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