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The Merzbox is an extremely limited (only 1000 copies made) fifty CD box set by Merzbow, the one-man Japanese noise band consisting of the noise master Masami Akita. The fifty CDs that make up the Merzbox include material recorded from 1979 to 1997. All of these releases are exclusive to the Merzbox, thirty of which come from the personal archives of Masami Akita himself, proving that Merzbow does indeed have an insanely productive work ethic. The fifty compact discs contained within the Merzbox are:

But the Merzbox is not only fifty CDs, good heavens no! The Merzbox is jam packed with tons of extra goodies including a T-shirt, CD-ROM, medallion, poster, postcards and perhaps most importantly a one hundred thirty-two page book that not only explains the whole Merzbox discography but also has tons of information about Merzbow and a preface written by Akita himself.

And yes, all of this does indeed come in a custom designed black rubber box which sports a metal nameplate.

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