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Noisecore is a truly horrible form of "music", a subsubsubsubgenre of Rock, (i.e. a subsubsubgenre of Heavy Metal, (i.e. a subsubgenre of Death Metal(i.e a subgenre of Grindcore and maybe Crust Punk.))). The point of a noisecore song is to be as loud, fast, short*, incoherent, and stupidly titled as possible, unless you're going for irony points by injecting melody, rhythm, or any of the other traditional features of music. Typically, a noisecore album will have scores of very short, ludicrously named songs. A seminal (teehee) example of a noisecore band is Anal Cunt.

It's fun to come up with your own noisecore band names and song names. Just stay away from Anal Strangulation, that's mine.

*Infernal Combustion, The Onion for metalheads had a column in which it was reported that "Agoraphobic Nosebleed Writes Noisecore Song Negative Three Seconds In Length, Somehow".

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