Vicky Swanky Is A Beauty is a collection of short shorts or fictions compact enough so as to be spacious if printed on a postcard. Some of the stories may qualify as being flash fiction. Some of the stories may not. All of the stories were written by Diane Williams. Diane Williams writes taut little tales.


My Defects

Between Midnight and 6 AM

If Told Correctly It Will Center On Me


Death Bed


My First Real Home


On the Job

Mood Which Gripped Me

The Use of Fetishes

Woman In Rose Dress

Weight, Hair, Length


The Wedding Mask Door Pull

Religious Behavior

Highlights of the Twilight

The Newly Made Supper


Chicken Winchell

The Emporium

Give Them Stuff

The Duck

If You Ever Get Three Or Four Laughing You Weren't Soon To Forget It

Protection, Prevention, Gazing, Gratified Desire

 Vicky Swanky Was a Beauty

Carnegie Nail

Stop When The Person Becomes Restless Or Irritable

 and other stories

A version of "Religious Behavior" with a longer ending may be found here where it is followed by a story not in this book.

If this book were not a book but rather a musical composition then its sound would be that of a rhizome, with as many discrete units of song as a noisecore record.

Many of the stories here are wry or grim and may require a second reading in order for the reader to get it. Each of the stories features a different narrator. Some are as short as the shortest paragraph in this review. Some stretch to two or even three pages.

The reviewer picked out this book purely as a result of its cover, which features a painting of a cock by a dead Croat.

On the back of the book there is a number of blurbs on a removable sticker. Deb Olin Unferth, Sam Lipsyte, and Ben Marcus all lauded Diane Williams for the singularity and force of her prose.

This would be a fun book to read to someone who is soaking in a bathtub.


Published by McSweeney's in 2012

118 pages

roughly 13.5 x 20 cm

twenty USD

ISBN 978-1-936365-71-5

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