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A mystery writer who has, as far as I can tell, written nothing besides murder mysteries. Most of his books are about LAPD detective Harry (Hieronymus) Bosch, named after the artist Hieronymus Bosch. He has also written a few about retired FBI agent Terry McCaleb, including Blood Work, the first Connelly novel I ever read, which is currently (2002) being made into a movie starring Clint Eastwood. Another book of his, A Darkness More Than Night, features both Bosch and McCaleb, and the work of the artist Hieronymus Bosch features prominently in it as well.
Connelly's writing style is such that the reader is led to believe (s)he knows the ending many times thoughout the story, but is shocked by the real one. That, in any case, was my experience, and that is why I will not stop until I have read every last book Connelly has to offer.

Harry Bosch novels:

Terry McCaleb novels:

Other novels:

More information is available on Connelly's official website, http://www.michaelconnelly.com .
I'll try to node the characters and novels (no spoilers, of course!) as I read more of Connelly's work.

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