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Irish Rock Band formed by Cathal Coughlan and Sean O'Hagan, Microdisney was known for deep, often vitriolic lyrics, with technically solid 80s rock and roll. The crooning baritone of Cathal Coughlan and calm melodies of Sean O'Hagan's guitar provided an odd counterpoint to lyrics concerning serious political and social issues. However, what could have been a clever and uniquely successful fusion of musical anger and passion was crushed by simple bad timing.

In 1982, when Microdisney's first single "Hello Rascals" was released, pop music had gone to synthesizers, leaving guitar rock in the dust. Microdisney managed to at least get picked up by Rough Trade, and in 1984, released their first album Everybody Is Fantastic. Lead by the single Dolly, the album was a mild success, and a follow-up LP, We Hate You South African Bastards was quickly released - containing the original two Microdisney singles as well as tracks recorded before the first album. They also released a three track EP called "In The World", containing the song Loftholdingswood. The songs from this EP appear on the CD rerelease of We Hate You South African Bastards, titled Love Your Enemies.

Microdisney's second album, 1985's The Clock Comes Down The Stairs was a slightly bigger success thanks to the song Birthday Girl, a dark and moody ballad on unwanted children. In 1987, Microdisney signed with Virgin, and released Crooked Mile to a great deal of fanfare (compared to their previous few releases). Lead by the song Town To Town, Crooked Mile shows what Microdisney could be capable of with enough studio support - though in this case the production tends to outshadow the lyrics.

Microdisney's final album, 1988's 39 Minutes, is considered their best - lead with the particuarly scathing Singer's Hampstead Home, sending stabs at labelmate Boy George, and the music industry in general. Unfortunately, this album spelled the end for Microdisney. Sean O'Hagan and Cathal Coughlan parted ways - with Sean forming The High Llamas, and Cathal starting the Fatima Mansions. After the band broke up, Virgin released an album of recordings from the band's various sessions with John Peel, and in 1995 released a greatest hits album Big Sleeping House.

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