The Middletown Township of New Jersey, USA was established in 1667, making it one of New Jersey's oldest townships. By 1682, Middletown was the home of at least 100 families; by 2002, it was the most populous municipality in Monmouth County, with a population of over 68,000.

Local ghost stories feature Whippoorwill Valley Road, where as legend has it fifteen women were burned as witches in the 1800s (though there is no actual record of witch-burnings in New Jersey in the 1800s).

Even older stories feature Penelope van Princes, "mother of Middletown," who married Richard Stout in New Amsterdam (now New York) around 1640. The couple relocated to Middletown and raised a large family; popular legend claims she has over 500 descendants in the Middletown area.

Middletown Trivia:
  • Old First Church in Middletown claims to be the oldest Baptist church in New Jersey, but founded in 1836, it's still 144 years younger than the neighboring Episcopal Christ Church.
  • Middletown resident William Leeds, whose will left 438 acres of land to Christ Church, was reputed to be one of Captain Kidd's cohorts.
  • Monmouth County's first courts were held in Middletown, because the county's only lawyer, Richard Hartshorne, lived there.
  • The local street-signs label Highway 35 as "Kings Highway," named after King Charles of England.

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Data gleaned from the Atlantic Highlands Herald, the Monmouth County branch of the USGenWeb project, and the New Jersey History Mysteries site.

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