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Kimchi is best spicy and fiery hot. Not only that, but it is delicious on rice, it is delicious on sandwiches, it is delicious in vast amounts.

One night, my cousin pointed to my other cousin (her sister) and laughed - "She eats so much! Look! She is eating kimchi out of the bowl!" And sure enough, there was my cousin - looking content with a bowl of kimchi on her lap and a pair of chopsticks in her hand.

"Ayah," she said. "Delicious."

It was soon time to go to bed. My friend and I, however, could not go to sleep. We could also not ignore the sounds of our stomachs growling in dismay (Koreans eat all the time, and will force food upon you; however, we had been let loose on our own in Seoul, and all we had eaten were Digimon popsicles and a platter of honeydew). Therefore, we crept to the refrigerator, and got out a bowl of kimchi and two pairs of chopsticks.

It was a midnight kimchi snacking party, and a damn fine one at that. Why waste your time eating ice cream, when you gorge yourself with a tasty dish that will set fire to your tongue? It's a great diet food because somewhat mass consumption of it requires lots of water on hand. It's sort of like getting high.

For any of you asian food lovers, I definitely recommend you try this (as well as a wasabi midnight snacking party...).

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