Mayor of New York City (2002-present). Bloomberg grew up in the Boston area and has an undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University as well as an MBA from Harvard. After being laid off from Salomon Brothers in the 1980's he started his own company, Bloomberg L.P. a financial news service that in essence beat the Wall Street Journal at its own game, with real time stock quotes. The company was wildly successful, making him a multi-millionaire and he soon branched out into radio in 1993 when he purchased WNEW-AM in New York and converted its Sinatra and standards type format to business news station WBBR.

In 2001, he decided to enter electoral politics and ran for mayor of New York as a Republican, succeeding Rudy Giuliani in that post. He was elected in November of that year, defeating Democrat Mark Green in a close race. Thus, he is the only Republican mayor in history to succeed another Republican mayor in the Big Apple.

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