The Million Mom March was a political gathering of people in favor of gun control. It took place on Mother's Day, May 14, 2000, in Washington DC.

The name "Million Mom March" builds upon the pattern established by the Nation of Islam in sponsoring the Million Man March and the Million Woman March. The organizations are not otherwise connected. estimates that 750,000 people attended the event. Their demands, according to the site, are:

    License Handgun Owners and Register All Handguns

    We call on Congress to require all handgun owners to be licensed and that they be required to register their weapons with the proper authorities. It makes sense.

    Sensible "Cooling Off" Periods and Background Checks

    We believe that it is only common sense that sensible "cooling off" periods and extensive background checks be required of any individual who wants to purchase from any person or place weapons intended only for killing or injuring humans.

    Safety Locks for All Handguns

    Guns, unlike every other consumer product sold in America, don't have to meet minimum safety standards. Gun manufacturers should have to design guns with locks built in, and with other common-sense devices like loaded-chamber indicators and child-proofing.

    Limit Purchases to one-handgun-per-month

    We believe that it is only common sense to end straw purchase transactions where individual who may legally purchase a firearm is hired to purchase firearms for Gun traffickers. These guns are sold on the illegal market and eventually wind up on our nation's streets, killing our kids.

    No-Nonsense Enforcement of Gun Laws

    We call on all officers of the law to assume a no-nonsense approach in enforcing existing gun laws and to join us in our mutual crusade for stronger legislation.

    Enlistment of Help from Corporate America

    We call on all child-friendly, nonviolent stores, companies, and corporations to sponsor us in these pursuits by advertising our message that guns -- in the wrong hands - is simply unacceptable. We call on the like minded to work with community law enforcement agencies to offer swaps of meaningful goods and services for guns. And that the guns be destroyed by the proper authorities. In turn, we, the mothers, will patronize all child-friendly, nonviolent sponsors who join us in this mission.

Counter-demonstrations, as Asamoth noted, were also held.

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