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Science Fiction Novel by Spider Robinson, published in 1982. * * * *

Norman Kent, a thirtyish university professor, is still picking up the pieces of his life six years after his wife left him, when his sister Maddy suddenly appears after being missing for ten years -- then suddeny vanishes again.

Norman enlists his ex-wife Phyllis to use her contacts in the Canadian Media to help him find his sister.

What this all stirs up, you'll have to find out by reading the book.

Mindkiller presents, besides a riveting story, the social implications of wireheading -- applying electricity to the pleasure center of the brain.

Part of this novel appeared in Omni Magazine in 1979, titled "God is an Iron". The published novel calls it an excerpt, but embedded in the novel, it reads more like a novella that the full novel was based on. "God is an Iron" was one of the stories that led me to stop worrying, and love Science Fiction. A life-changer, it earns * * * * * in its own right.

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