I'd like to point out that the Drumming on any fear factory song is not the product of a drum machine, but in fact Ray Herrara. The sound is electronic because he plays a kit which has drum triggers, or devices that play a pre-recorded sound when the drum is physically hit. i.e. he is hot shit.

A death metal group founded in 1991 and consisting of Burton C. Bell (vocals), Dino Cazares (guitar), Christian Olde Wolbers (bass), and Raymond Herrera (drums). The band is based in Los Angeles, California.

"One thing I could say about Fear Factory is that you can put on a Fear Factory song and know it's Fear Factory. Nowadays, so many bands are copying each other but we've always remained true to our sound." - Dino Cazares

"The concept of this record (Obsolete) is that man is obsolete. The idea is still man versus machine - man versus the system machine... man versus the government machine. Demanufacture told a story, Remanufacture was another chapter in the story and Obsolete is another part of the Fear Factory concept. We're up to the point in the story where man is obsolete. Man has created these machines to make his life easier but in the long run it made him obsolete. The machines he created are now destroying him. Man is not the primary citizen on Earth." - Burton C. Bell

Discography up to 2001:

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