Scientific name: Balaenoptera acutostrata

Distinctive features: The Minke Whale is the smallest known rorqual. It has a pointed head, and the lower jaw protrudes, like it has an underbite. There is a single ridge from the tip of the lower jaw to the blowhole. It has a white belly, and the pectoral fins have a white band around the middle, with the rest of the fin being black. The Minke Whale has 50-70 pleats, and 231-260 baleen plates that are up to 20 centimeters long.

Size: It's 3 meters at birth, 10 meters and 9 tonnes as an adult.

Distribution: Temperate coastal waters at all locations.

Reproduction: There is a 10 month gestation, and they are weaned in 6 months.

Diet: The Minke Whale eats small schooling fishes, krill, and squid.

My own tediously handwritten Marine Bio Whale Notes.

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