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One of the main characters in Kenichi Sonoda's Gunsmith Cats. Actual name May Hopkins, with the nickname "Minnie May" referring to someone's remark that she was "cute as Minnie Mouse".

As a runaway at the age of 12, she disguised herself as a boy and became a petty thief. After a period of time, she became an apprentice of explosives expert Ken "Tucky" Takizawa. After discovering his Lolita complex and revealing her true gender, she became his lover. Later, fleeing from the mob, she ended up spending several years in a high-class brothel, where she became an extremely skilled and enthusiastic courtesan. When she was around 15 years old, Minnie May met Rally Vincent, bounty hunter and gun shop owner, and left the brothel to live and work with her. Minnie May still maintained a relationship with the vagrant Ken, and they became engaged at the end of the first series of the manga.

At some point prior to meeting Rally, Minnie May underwent some unspecified form of treatment to maintain her prepubescent appearance. As a result, though she was 17 at the beginning of the Gunsmith Cats manga, she permanently appears to be approximately 13.

Minnie is fairly intelligent, though she does not have Rally's head for strategy, and is still not entirely emotionally mature. In combat she mostly relies on grenades, several varieties of which she carries at all times. She is skilled in demolitions and disarming, and possessed of a MacGyver-like talent to create improvisational explosives.

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