Kenichi Sonoda's manga tribute to weapons and explosives that is certainly not without its share of car chases. The name comes from the featured gun shop owned by Rally Vincent and Minnie May who specialize in getting into (and out of) trouble.

Rally Vincent is a gun expert and part time bounty hunter who helps the Chicago Police track down criminals, fugitives, and other miscellaneous bad people. Minnie May is always looking to blow things up, and is never caught without at least some form of explosives on her person.

There are a number of English version manga that are published by Dark Horse and available through Amazon:

There is an OAV, and also "Riding Bean" featuring Rally Vincent and Bean Bandit, though this one is only loosely based on the manga, for instance, with Rally Vincent becoming taller and caucasian.
Amongst all the different kinds of action manga, Kenichi Sonoda's masterpiece is a breath of fresh air.

The most noticable feature of anime and manga such as say Noir, is the use of "generic" firearms and cars. You have the standard semi-automatic pistol, the standard sniper rifle, sub-machinegun, sports car, etc. Now this makes it easier for the reader/viewer but follow but makes it rather more boring for the true connoisseur.

Now there aren't any "lectures" in Gunsmith Cats but there is a decent explanation of which weapons are being used and which vehicles. I had never heard of a Cobra GT 500 or a CZ-75 before. And you may think "why should I need to know?" Well it makes a hell of a lot of difference if you're using a precision-made, 9-mm pistol or a Saturday Night Special. By adding variety and detail to this normally underdeveloped side of anime and manga, Sonoda adds another level to his work, making a good manga great.

Recently there have been a few more releases in the series.

Unfortunately, Misty's Run, which is to be released around now is said to be the last in the series. Here's thanks to a revolutionary kind of manga!


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