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An international beauty pageant held once a year, Miss Universe 2000 was held in Cyprus. It is in no way different from any other sexist show, the "delegates" parade around, answer questions so simple a child could do it, and a winner is picked by random chance, or some other nameless algorithm. I wish I was a judge. I could request.... personal interview time, so to speak.

I never watched these things before, in the past I refused to watch them because they were so incredibly sexist. But oh well, hypocriticism is sometimes sweet, and the parade of beauties was a sight for sore eyes. In particular, Miss Canada, Miss Spain and Miss Israel struck me as particularly breathtaking, but their intellectual abilities were minimal to say the least. Instead, I found myself attracted to Miss Japan, possibly the only contestant with a brain there. Obviously, she wouldn't win, which was quite disappointing. Unfortunately, some of the hottest women there were also the stupidest, such as Miss Korea, spouting dogma about how "beauty is the essence of woman". Ugh.

The presence of intellect in a couple contestants was quite surprising, but Miss India won, and her lack of a brain was painfully obvious. Oh well. After I watched the whole sordid show, I was forced to explain to my sisters that no, I am not sexist, and yes, I am a fan of the female form. Next time I want to see pretty women, I'll get on the internet.

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