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Miyavi is a twenty-four year old a half-Korean Japanese rock star. He writes and arranges all his own material and plays guitar. Sometimes his style is harder, with very high energy and deep, slightly gravelly vocals. sometimes there's a kind of blues influence (He says he likes Muddy Waters.) It says on his website that he's visual kei "for the moment" and he has done some modeling work in the Gothic & Lolita Bible for a clothing line called Fotus.

He sometimes spells his name MYV. Before 2002 he was in a band called Due le Quartz, when he released his first solo album, Gagaku, it disappointed some of the fans of that band, but he's gained so many fans with his new style (and the fact that he's gorgeous) that he does not need to buy his own clothing anymore because he can rely on taking home clothing from Jrock pinup magazines photoshoots and gifts from his fangirls. As for his visual style, he has a prominent lip ring, asymmetric shaved/spiky hair and tends to give off a "yes, worship me." attitude in his photos. He likes bright colors, especially pink, and has been known to wear cyberpunk inspired clothing and dress as a woman on occasion.

A reason I love Miyavi:

A girl on an online Miyavi fanclub told me this story. It did not happen to me, so I can't verify it, but it's part of the mythos so I'm posting it here.

This young lady was in Japan and she heard of a place where you could take your picture in a photo booth and they would digitally alter in a cut-out so it looked like you'd taken your picture with Miyavi. She thought that was cool so she went to the photo parlor, which had a large crowd of excited girls yelling and carrying on in Japanese. When she finally got someone to tell her what was going on, it turned out that about five minutes ago Miyavi had been there, taking pictures of himself with himself. Even my little brother recognizes the coolness of this.

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