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Ever want to speak the kind of Japanese that would make Quentin Tarantino quiver in awe? Then here are some words to learn:

oppai - Titties.
oppai suru - To suck on someone's titties.
dekapai - Big titties.
paiotsu - Titties.
paizuri - Titty-fucking.

Other Girly Stuff
(o-)manko - Cunt. (Kanto dialect)
(o-)meko - Cunt. (Kansai dialect)
wareme(-chan) - Slit.
joseiki - Female, uh, equipment.

chinchin - Willy.
chinpo - Dick.
chinko - Dick.
chinpoko - Dick.
NOTE: None of these words are exceedingly offensive, but they sure are funny.

The Act
meku - To jerk off.
onanii - To wank in a ladylike fashion (from the German Onanie).
manzuri - To play with one's own manko (literally "ten thousand rubs").
fakku - Fuck, of course.
anadarake ni suru - To fuck.
kama o horu - To buttfuck.
wanwan sutairu - Doggy style.
kônai seikô - Oral sex.
shakuhachi - Fellatio (a shakuhachi is a kind of flute).
ranko paatii - An orgy.

Asses/dealing with asses
ketsu no ana - Asshole.
kusotare - Asshole.
kutabacchimae - Eat shit and die!
kutabare - Fuck you!
koronban - Turd.
kieuse - Fuck off!
zakennayo - Fuck off!*

<churchlady>Well, wasn't that special?</churchlady>

* courtesy of gn0sis
** courtesy of your name here

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