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Mob 47 became one of the most legendary punk bands in Swedish history. Few punks in Sweden are unable to sing along in classics like "animal liberation", "dom ljuger" (they lie) and "kärnvapenattack" (nuclear weapon attack)

In the summer of 1982 Åke, Chrille and Jögge had started the band Censur. They recorded a demo which was featured on a british MC-compilation called "grevious musical harm". After this Mob 47 was formed. The influences were bands like Discharge, Varukers, Chaos UK.

Their first hit was a 11-track MC called Hardcore attack, released in 1983. In April 1984 they recorded 20 intensive songs, of which 9 were featured on the classic "Kärnvapenattack" EP. People loved it and it sold 2700 copies.

Mob 47 always recorded their songs in the "bowlingstudio", since the parents of Åke were owners of a bowling alley in Stockholm. Band like Crudity, Svart snö, Protes Bengt and Discard also recorded their stuff on the small 4-channel porta.

The texts lay the groundwork for the future lyrics of swedish "käng", and were mostly about oppression, war, police etcetera.

They continued to release the tape "Stockholms mangel" when they were at their peak. In 1986 the band called it quits after experimenting with two new singers. Their last gig was at the Birkagården in Stockholm together with Anti-cimex and Disarm.

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