A swedish rap crew consisting of Pst/Q, Organism XII and Leo. The group used to include one Seron who took off to become a good christian. The posse has, as a group, realized Vulgära Vovvar EP and the track "Dom (Vilka Idioter)" off the "Den Svenska Underjorden" compilation cd/vinyl of pan-swedish rap talents released by Redline Records. In contradiction to being a 4, and now 3, people group, loosely coupled duos of MBMA members have worked together. The most productive pair, dubbed Retarderade Eleverade, consisted of Organism XII and Seron. They recorded and released around 15 tracks on tape (for example the Tootaosen tape) and vinyl.

MBMA material can be found on a couple of swedish compilations (cd/vinyl), a handfull of mixtapes and home-recorded tapes and off cause illegal mp3 versions of these mentioned. Mobbade Barn is considered by many (mostly underground actives, though) as one of the absolute best of the Swedish hiphop scene. Their official website is located at http://www.mobbade.com/.

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