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The famous new and used independent bookstore on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, CA. This cultural landmark was founded by the late Moe Moskowitz in the late 50s/early 60s and moved to it's present location in the late 70s. Four floors of everything from bestsellers to antiques, erotica to mathematica.

That Moe's Books has weathered the often tumultuous times in Berkeley relatively unscathed is a testament to the respect the people of Berkeley have for the establishment.

Incidentally, Moe's Books was featured in The Graduate. Well, ok, more like it was glimpsed over Dustin Hoffman's shoulder as he sipped his coffee. Still, it always makes me smile.

The basement of Moe's is a traditional rendezvous point for families and groups visiting Telegraph. Why? Because there, there is something for everyone to look at while waiting for the others. Specifically, that's where they keep the Calvin and Hobbes books.

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