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Molly: Star-Racer (also known as Oban Star Racer) is an animated 26 episode series created and produced by the French animation studio "Sav! The World". The artwork is a combination of genres, blending western and eastern influences into a fluid 2D/3D alloy.

The human race is poised on the brink of extinction, as Earth's closest neighbouring species, the Crogs, has turned out to be hostile. In order to prevent this imminent annihilation, the tomboyish Molly and her co-pilot Hugo must overcome all odds and achieve victory.

The series chronicles a race between the universe's greatest pilots in a chance to claim the "Ultimate Prize", a wish. The contest is sponsored by The Avatar, an enigmatic force who possesses near unlimited power.

Among her opponents are:
  • Ull
    A monk with telekinetic super-powers that seem to equal those of the Avatar himself.
  • Prince Aika
    A Nourasian Prince with whom she has a crush.
  • Lord Furter
    Captain of a space-galleon, as bad-tempered as he is egocentric.
  • Colonel Toros
    The cruel, treacherous Crog officer and Molly's most threatening opponent both on Arouas and later on Oban.
  • Ning and Skun
    Two very proud and frightening Inna warriors.
The official site is located at:

And the trailer can, as of this writing, be aquired at:

The current release date is slated for 2005.

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