A socially acceptable cross-gender identity where an anatomical female behaves not in a stereotypically feminine manner, and instead exhibits masculine mannerisms. Behaviours may range from wearing mens' cothing, associate with other males, partaking male sports, or anything defined by stereotype as male. Not to be confused with female-to-male transsexualism or butch lesbianism.

tomboy: a vernacular term applied to a girl whose developmental differentiation of gender-identity/role (G-I/R) as stereotypically defined is in variable degree discordant with the evidence of her genital morphology. See also sissy boy

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A romping girl, who prefers the amusement used by boys to those of her own sex.

The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

While not necessarily a determining factor of sexual orientation in North American or European cultures, tomboys, or TB (Hong Kong), Toms (Thailand), T (Taiwan) are a subgroup of the lesbian subcultures of many Asian nations. In these cases it is not an entirely lesbian identity, as the closest American equivalent, the butch identity, is. This identity is part social, part gender, and part sexual. Although these groups are not necessarily re-enforcing the male/female binary that comes under attack in many areas of queer studies, each group has a feminine counterpart: TBG (short for tomboy girl), Dee (short for lady), and Po (short for Lao Po) corresponding with TB, Tom, and T respectively.

Tom"boy` (?), n. [Tom (for Thomas, L. Thomas, fr. Gr. )+ boy.]

A romping girl; a hoiden.


J. Fletcher.


© Webster 1913.

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