Tadpole are an awesome NZ rock band based in Auckland.

They play in a style similar to Skunk Anansi and Shihad.

With a bit of luck they will be rock stars.


Tad"pole` (?), n. [OE. tadde toad (AS. tadie, tadige) + poll; properly, a toad that is or seems all head. See Toad, and Poll.]

1. Zool.

The young aquatic larva of any amphibian. In this stage it breathes by means of external or internal gills, is at first destitute of legs, and has a finlike tail. Called also polliwig, polliwog, porwiggle, or purwiggy.

2. Zool.

The hooded merganser.

[Local, U.S.]

Tadpole fish. Zool. See Forkbeard (a).


© Webster 1913.

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