I cannot be perfect. It is quite frustrating, because if I am not perfect you can't love me. You see, I know how to be your version of perfect. You have been kind enough to be honest and so I know.

1. I need to be smiling. You know I look better when I smile and I know it too. When I am smiling my facial structure is completely different and it makes me kind of pretty.

2. I need to be well groomed. It won't do to have messy hair if we run into one of your friends. It is not even good for you to see me messy. I have always been a tomboy and now I need to be a sexy vixen. This is an issue, because no one ever taught me how to do that. I notice that appearances seem important to you, and I want to help you keep them up. Don't worry though, I read some stuff on the internet.

3. I need to be rich. When we get low on money it makes you frustrated and grumpy. When I have cash to spoil you, we are both much happier. I like to do it anyway you know.

4. I need to be confident. No one wants to deal with some depressing, dramatic girlfriend. We have had some good times when I was right on. Confident, teasing, joking with your friends, flirting with the bartender that you think is so cute, smiling, happy and witty.

5. I need to have my own interests and know when to give you space without having to ask, while at the same time being there every time you want my company. I'm working on it. There is a fine line and I am not sure who drew it or where it might have gone to.

6. I need to drive fast cars with the precision of a professional race car driver, while carrying on an intelligent conversation about engine displacement and which exhaust setups sound more trick. Also, I have to notice ricers and make fun of them for their fart can, ricer flyby selves. You love these crazy muscle cars and I never really noticed cars before you.

7. I need to never forget my things. When I leave my keys, wallet, necessary paperwork, the movie we went out to return, etc. I notice it tends to annoy you and it takes up extra time to double back.

8. I need to be a bronzed skin, long and dark haired exotic goddess. Not a pale skinned, mousey haired, grey eyed, home town girl with minimal assets.

On second thought, most of this just falls into place when I forget to be worried about it. Maybe what I really need is to relax and be myself. I will certainly agree to love you just as you are; all I ask is the same from you.

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