A female fox. Also a computer in the Florida International Univeristy School of Computer Science that runs Linux and kicks lots of ass. It has crashed a few times lately, we suspect a bad ethernet card.

from the SparkMatch Registry:

Flirty, sensual, and powerful. Like the female fox that is your namesake, you make the men chase you, and yet you enjoy getting caught in your naughty game. You beguile your conquerors for a moment, and just when they think they have you for good, you're gone again. What's that red thing caught on your stiletto heel? Oh, it's just a piece of someone's heart. Squirt.

Your wild streak runs from head to tail like a stripe of fire. Finding someone to run with you as an equal will be hard, but for right now, having a completely worth-while companion isn't so important. Your animal instincts are *well* developed and you're not ready to be cooped up. People who get too close are in extreme danger of emotional mauling. You're looking for something temporary and physical. And it damn well better be good.

You're honest about your sexual desires, but your gender can complicate that. If you were a man you'd be the lady-killer who's got the guys in awe. Unfortunately, since you're a woman, people will call you a slut. But you know what Huckem says... fuck 'em.

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A super-hero published by DC Comics.

Mari Jiwe Macabe is the name of the hero known as Vixen. A decendent of the African hero Tantu, Mari inherited the mystic amulet known as the Tantu Totem which endowed Vixen with the ability to mimic the attributes of any animal (strength of an elephant, flight like the hawk, etc).

Mari is a successful fashion designer and model, who discovered her heroic heritage and decided to continue in the tradition of her family. She had a few adventures, and the fell out of circulation for a while. When the Justice League of America fell were looking for members, Vixen was chosen as one of the new members, along with Vibe, Steel, & Gypsy. Along with old guard members Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, Elongated Man, and Aquaman, these heroes made up the Justice League for a time.

Eventually, due to the efforts of Darkseid, super-heroing was outlawed, and the Justice League disbanded. Some of the new members were killed soon after when Professor Ivo plotted revenge against the League. Vixen and Martian Manhunter found Ivo and brought him to justice.

Vixen returned to modeling for a time, but eventually linked up with the Suicide Squad in a couple of its incarnations. She became romantically involved with Bronze Tiger, but their relationship went through a number of rough periods due to his conditioning by the Assassins Guild.

Vixen has also had a number of adventures with the hero Animal Man due to their common powers and reliance upon the Morphogenic Field, which gives them their powers.


A termagant ; also a she fox, who, when she has cubs, is remarkably fierce.

The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

Vix"en (?), n. [AS. fixen a she-fox, for fyxen, fem. of fox. See Fox.]


A female fox.

[Obs. or Prov. Eng.]


A cross, ill-tempered person; -- formerly used of either sex, now only of a woman.


She was a vixen when she went to school. Shak.


© Webster 1913.

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