Strum"pet (?), n. [OE. strumpet, strompet; cf. OF. stupe debauchery, F. stupe, L. stuprare, stupratum, to debauch, stuprum debauchery, Gael. & Ir. striopach a prostitute.]

A prostitute; a harlot.



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Strum"pet, a.

Of or pertaining to a strumpet; characteristic of a strumpet.

Out on thy more than strumpet impudence. B. Jonson.


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Strum"pet, v. t.


To debauch.




To dishonor with the reputation of being a strumpet; hence, to belie; to slander.

With his untrue reports, strumpet your fame. Massinger.


© Webster 1913.

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