Ter"ma*gant (?), n. [OE. Trivigant, Termagant, Termagant (in sense 1), OF. Tervagan; cf. It. Trivigante.]


An imaginary being supposed by the Christians to be a Mohammedan deity or false god. He is represented in the ancient moralities, farces, and puppet shows as extremely vociferous and tumultous.

[Obs.] Chaucer. "And oftentimes by Termagant and Mahound [Mahomet] swore." Spenser.

The lesser part on Christ believed well, On Termagant the more, and on Mahound. Fairfax.


A boisterous, brawling, turbulent person; -- formerly applied to both sexes, now only to women.

This terrible termagant, this Nero, this Pharaoh. Bale (1543).

The slave of an imperious and reckless termagant. Macaulay.


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Ter"ma*gant, a.

Tumultuous; turbulent; boisterous; furious; quarrelsome; scolding.

-- Ter"ma*gant*ly, adv.

A termagant, imperious, prodigal, profligate wench. Arbuthnot.


© Webster 1913.

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