Stage name of Michel Lotito (b. Grenoble, France 1950-06-15). Under the nickname of Monsieur Mangetout--Mr. Eat-it-all--this gent engages in ritual consumption of peculiar, mainly metallic items originally not intended for human food. He started eating iron at the tender age of nine and uses mineral oil for internal lubrication.

His body is capable of absorbing two pounds (900g) of metal daily, a unique capacity that leaves gastroenterologists puzzled. His menu has included a two-digit number of both supermarket trolleys and bicycles (tyres included) as well as a number of television sets, chandeliers and beds. He's also eaten a computer, a pair of skis, a coffin and a Cessna 150 (that one took him two years). He accompanies his meals with copious amounts of water instead of the more traditionally French red wine.

EDB is his only serious competition.

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