The capital city of Alabama, founded on the banks of the Alabama River.

Interstate 65 passes through the city, and joins the terminus of Interstate 85 at exit 171. Montgomery is home to Maxwell and Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Bases, which are responsible for the city's many software companys and other government contractors. The city has several small colleges and universities, two enclosed malls, and an airport that needs to be bigger than it is.

There are a lot of state government buildings downtown, but all the growth in on the east side of town. The west side is mostly industrial. East Boulevard, (also known as the Boulevard or the Bypass) is the main commercial retail area of the city, which connects Atlanta Highway and South Boulevard - two other commercial strips whose best days lay behind them. The Cloverdale area, located near Huntingdon College, is an artsy area with some restaurants and clubs. The biggest event is Jubilee Cityfest - an outdoor music festival held downtown on Memorial Day Weekend.

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