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Montreat College is a private, not for profit Christian liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Located in a scenic mountain valley near Asheville, North Carolina since 1916, Montreat is dedicated to the integration of faith and learning.

Last year’s enrolment was 1187, with 400 in traditional programs, 719 in School of Professional and Adult Studies, and 68 in Teacher Education/Library of Congress Project. Tuition is $16,344 ($11,730 tuition, $4,614 room/board), and Montreat raises roughly $2.5 million every school year. Montreat is a member of both The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

Montreat is also host to a wonderful summer camp program for Christian church youth groups around the country, and hosts many Christian events year round like basketball/soccer/baseball camps, wilderness adventures, youth conferences, and more.

Statement of purpose (taken from montreat.edu)


Montreat College is a Christian liberal arts educational institution committed to the integration of faith and learning in lives. Through our focus on faith, we seek to glorify Jesus Christ, to reflect His image, to serve His Church and to encourage faith development in students. Through our focus on learning, we seek to educate the mind and challenge the spirit, to discern truth, to communicate effectively, and to become agents of renewal and reconciliation in the world.


We believe humanity is God’s creation in His own image, and therefore persons are thinking, relational, moral and spiritual beings of dignity and worth. We seek to serve students in all these dimensions. Our aim is to challenge students to become the complete persons a loving God intends them to be and to live in vital relationship with Him. Therefore, we seek to be a faith community as well as an academic community. We see our educational mission as an extension of the great ends of the Church and seek to graduate students who are growing in the likeness of Him who is "the way, the truth, and the life," and are committed to Christian servant-leadership in the world, promoting personal and social righteousness by God’s grace and to His glory.

As a Christian college in the Presbyterian tradition, we are guided in our pursuit of academic excellence by the framework of Reformed beliefs. We confess the living God as the ultimate foundation of our faith and the source of all truth. We believe God is revealed perfectly in Jesus Christ. We affirm Jesus Christ as the center of history, restoring purpose, order, and value to the whole of life. We believe Jesus Christ to be the focus and culmination of scripture and that God’s written Word is inspired, authoritative and, rightly interpreted by the Holy Spirit, is our infallible rule for faith, conduct, and worship. We study and address a world and humanity which were created good, corrupted by the fall, redeemed through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and are moving toward the final consummation of God’s purposes at the second coming of Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit.


Approaching the integration of faith and learning from an informed, biblical perspective, faculty, staff, and students form a Christian community of learners that seeks to pursue the premise that all truth is God’s truth and explores the significance of this in the various academic disciplines. We are committed to a thorough exploration of and complementary relationship between biblical truth and academic inquiry. We openly embrace students of all cultures, races, and faiths in an atmosphere of academic excellence, intellectual inquiry and Christian love.

The College provide a well-rounded, liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on traditional and selected undergraduate and graduate professional degree programs, including degree programs for adult learners and programs at geographically distant locations. The College’s educational objectives include:

1. That students will develop an informed, biblical world view including the following:
1.1. The sovereignty of God over all creation and knowledge;
1.2. A lifestyle of Christian service to others and the community;
1.3. The recognition of the intrinsic worth of self and all persons;
1.4. A genuine critical openness to the ideas and beliefs of others;
1.5. The formation of values and ethical reasoning;
1.6. An appreciation for what is beautiful, true and good in the arts and literature;
1.7. A respect for and attitude of stewardship toward the whole of creation;
1.8. An understanding of the past and its interconnectedness with the present and future.
2. That students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.
3. That students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
4. That students will demonstrate essential computer information systems skills.
5. That students will demonstrate competency in their academic majors.
6. That students will develop interpersonal and team skills and an understanding and appreciation of their personal strengths and weaknesses.
7. That students will become reflective and responsible citizens, effective leaders, and committed laity.


Montreat College aspires to be a Christian college of such character that we are known regionally, nationally and internationally for the quality and value of our educational programs. We seek to be a leading, serving institution through developing students who will become servant-leaders in society. We would be a first choice provider of Christian higher education, an inspiration to our students, a servant to our communities, and a blessing to the whole church.


Montreat College is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and has a covenant relationship with the Western North Carolina and East Tennessee Presbyteries, and with the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic. We are a member institution of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

- Adopted by the Board of Trustees November 1995. Amended August 2000.

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