A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 44-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1978 and 1981.

The MultiMoog is basicially an expanded version of the MicroMoog model. For sound generation it contains 2 VCOs, which are switchable between sawtooth, pulse and square waveforms. They also feature variable waveform control which allows real time morphing of the waves. VCO2 also offers a doubling function which divides the notes down 1-2 octaves. A noise generator is also available.

The famous patented 24dB/octave low-pass VCF is included as the filter, with controls for cut-off and resonance. Both the VCF and the VCA have their own switchable AD/AR envelope generator.

For modulation there is an LFO with triangle, square and two sample/hold settings. There are plenty of routing options, like using the filter's EG for PWM. Also, the VCF's cut-off can be modulated by VCO2 for ring modulation effects.

The MultMoog's keyboard is velocity sensitive with sensitivity control and switchable routing to the mod section. Other features include a ribbon controller for pitch bend, mod wheel and glide. An open system CV interface is available, as well as an audio input.

Although the Multi has less oscillators than the famous MiniMoog, it offers exciting sound possibilities and shouldn't be overlooked.

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