MORI is the acronym for the independant market research company, "Market & Opinion Research International", based in the United Kingdom. MORI has been around since 1969, and has become famous for its independant surveys it carries out in an attempt to judge popular opinion on current affairs.

Surveys include
The City Opinion Survey: This helps businesses find out about investor's opinions of their company.

Internet Survey: Often used when doing research about internet use, or internet users.

Key Audience Research: If you want to know how your key audience perceives you, this is the research to do.

Qualitative Research: Ideal when more than just yes/no answers are needed. Focus groups and interviews with a small number of people are carried out. Sometimes face-to-face, sometimes over the phone. This can gain explanatory or diagnostic information.

MORI is used by journalists to help provide information on what is popular and what is not, and often they can form their own wild interpretations on this. Good old statistics.

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