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Morty: You sold a gun to a murderer so you could play video games?

Rick: Yeah, sure, if you spend all day shuffling words around you can make anything sound bad, Morty.

Mortynight Run is the second episode in the second season of Rick and Morty. It's notable for the core conflict of the story being between it's protagonists and for evolving the relationship between them.

Plot Synopsis

The episode begins with Rick teaching Morty to drive the space car. Ostensibly, the reason for this is so he can do more errands for Rick but Morty is just happy for the interaction. It's only when Jerry speaks that Rick realizes that he was in the back seat the entire time. Rick gets a call and enters business mode. Step one is drop Jerry off at an inter-dimensional Jerry Daycare set up by another Rick. According to Rick, Jerrys have a pretty high attrition rate with adventures. With Jerry out of the picture Rick and Morty head to a shady parking garage where they meet Krombopulos Michael. Krombopulos introduces himself as an assassin and buys an antimatter gun from Rick for three thousand Flurbo's. Morty expresses his shock and outrage at Rick's actions only to be criticized as having a very "planetary mindset." Ricks answer the question of what to do a the Flurbos is to go to Blips and Chitz, an extraterrestrial Chuck E. Cheese type of establishment. Morty completely rejects Rick's offer of fun and games and steals away to right what Rick did. Things don't exactly go Morty's way. He manages to locate Krombopulos with some sort of tracking feature built into the space car but ends up landing on him ... in the middle of a intergalactic prison. Morty freaks out a bit over the accidental murder until the Gromflomite prison guards show up and try to kill him. Rick arrives through a portal that bisects the gaurd and berates Morty for killing his best customer. Krombopulos's target, a sentiant cloud that Rick names Fart, telepathically contacts Morty and implores him to release him. Rick, Morty, and Fart retreat from the prison but not before they are forced to kill several more guards. The remainder of the episode is spent with the three of them racking up an ever increasing death toll in their attempt to escape. I won't give away the ending except to say things get so much worse before they get better and any chance Morty has of feeling good about the whole incident is dashed to pieces.


Morty's youthful idealism drives this plot to terrible effect. If Morty can't catch a break with Rick he's still way worse off without him. While Rick takes every opportunity to criticize Morty as a naive little punk he ultimately helps him in his quest to do the right thing and even praises him when it's all over. While the relationship is exploitative it's not entirely one sided.

"Fine. Morty, take your fart to his hole and say your goodbyes. I’m gonna find some fuel and take a biiiig fat Morty. That’s my new word for ‘shit’ because of today’s events."

- Rick, making sure no good deed goes unpunished.


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