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The second soundtrack released for the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge. While the first soundtrack contained mainly the modern songs used in the film, along with some of those sung by the cast, this second album contains more of the songs by the cast and also some of the score.

Since the first time I listened to the first soundtrack, I was waiting for the second one to come out. It still doesn't contain everything I'd hoped for, but it's close. It includes The Show Must Go On and the full film versions of Sparkling Diamonds and Come What May. Then there's Like a Virgin, which in the movie was my cue to take a bathroom break, but without the dancing and the Duke's ratlike expressions, it's less painful and more just plain funny. It also includes The Pitch, in which they explained the plot of their play to the Duke. Some of the conversation is cut out, but that makes it a shorter piece and more coherent as a song.

The remix of One Day I'll Fly Away is all right, but I think it took up space that could better have been filled with Zidler's Rap, the green fairy song, or John Leguizamo singing Nature Boy.

The final non-score song is Meet Me in the Red Room, which was played as Christian and the Bohemians first entered the Moulin Rouge together. It's a fun, bouncy song about being a prostitute; one line in the chorus is "show me your diamonds and I'll let you wear my ring."

While the first soundtrack was very much a summary of the movie, enough to hold me over in that span when I couldn't see it in the theater or rent it, this album is more tied to the imagery and thus makes me want to see it.

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