Music: Piano Concerto No. 21
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)
Rating: 5/5
Summary: It charms you, then calms you down before refreshing you.

Of Mozart's twenty-seven piano concertos, his twenty-first is one of the most popular, and with good reason. It is easily accessible as well as holding up to scrutiny.

The first movement is sublime. While it is light enough to serve as background music, it also has plenty to offer your undivided attention. The piano and other instruments seem to talk to each other, exploring different ideas without straying too far. This movement is pleasant, coherent, and seems to be over all too soon.

The second movement gives you a moment to rest. It is a simpler, quieter piece. While it doesn't astound you with complex interactions between the piano and other instruments, it still has a subtle charm.

The final movement is lively, and fills you with spirit. The complexity of the first movement returns to excite your rested mind again, giving the whole composition a gratifying symmetry. By the time it finishes, it leaves you feeling invigorated.

While each of the three movements is good in its own right, the concerto as a whole is even better. Using the structure of a three movement sonata, the music first charms you, then calms you down before finally refreshing your energy.

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