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Oh, Noooooo!

Mr. Bill is a lovable but appallingly naive guy made of Play-Doh. Created by Walter Williams, Mr. Bill had his smashing debut in a Super 8 short presented as part of a Saturday Night Live home movie contest in 1976. He turned out to be a big hit, and eventually became a regular feature on SNL.

Mr. Bill's nemeses, Mr. Hands and Dr. Sluggo, are always giving Mr. Bill terrible advice and subjecting him to dismemberment, immolation and deformation. Mr. Bill's stock exclamation in the face of imminent disaster is to squeal "Oh, Nooooo!" in his high-pitched falsetto.

Here's a synopsis of a sample episode, taken from http://www.mrbill.com/mbsynop.html (and there's more where that came from):

Mr. Bill Goes to a Party "You need exercise," Mr. Hands decides, and aids Mr. Bill with a pull-up that rips out a tiny left arm. Dr. Sluggo recommends, and inflicts, acupuncture. No time to recover, Mr. Bill has a party to go to! "Let's wash up!" Mr. Hands douses his friend with a mysterious liquid marked "XXX", and the next thing you know, Mr. Bill is on fire. "Why, why, why?" Mr. Hands deposits Mr. Bill at a doorway and rings the bell. Out comes a partygoer, who sees noone but unknowingly winds up with Mr. Bill pate on the sole of his shoe.

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