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An elf in Sluggy Freelance. Originally, one of Santa Claus's bodyguards. He wore a normal-sized suit, but since he's an elf, most of the suit was empty and he was attached at the tie. Died in 1999 when Bun-Bun blew up Santa's Workshop with a Furby of Death, and he couldn't get out because he was stuck in the suit. Now he is a disembodied soul that works for the Dimension of Pain. He failed his latest mission, which was to kill Torg, and as punishment he is now imprisoned in the Squeeky-Bobo Ball, which the demons use alternately as a Magic 8-Ball and a kickball.

Mr. Squeeky-Bobo is one of Santa's Elves in the webcomic Sluggy Freelance. He is one of the minds behind the Mecha Easter-Bunny which was built to destroy Bun-Bun, the mini-lop. He also makes fairly idle threats regarding the contents of certain people's Christmas stockings. Eventually, he was blown up by Bun-Bun, and banished to the Dimenson of Pain. He was sent back to Earth one Halloween in order to destroy Torg, but failed miserably. The next time we saw him was when, in the Dimension of Pain, the Squeeky-Bobo ball (he was trapped inside a magic ball) accidentally awoke a flower-breathing dragon. He wasn't very happy.

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