Mrifk! The most vile, unimaginably and malordous expletive ever conceived in the endlessly-distand world of the dream-concocted, far away and never known to mortal men the Eye of Argon saga, where it is breathlessly uttered from heaving golden-bedecked bosoms and straining thews gleming with the trembling drops of the liquor of just exertions in epic struggles againt the wiles and plans of unspeakably evil, weak and greedy landowners, tyrants and slavemongers against whom all actions are to be venerated in albino ossuary alters where sacrifice to their simple but nobvle causes can be left in the form of jewel-encrutsted blades, lined with silver embossing along the hilt to the pommel of semiprecious stones gleaming madly with some arcane light, beyond value but of more than fair use in a mighty struggle against sinister and innocuous forces of adversity.

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