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A friend of mine at work claims that he does the work of three men, and I will admit, sometimes it seems like he does.

I have found that I have three me’s inside me at work every day, also; they just aren't all productive...

Clifton, that's the main me, he is usually focused and getting his work done. He is a hard worker and does what it takes to get the job finished, even having to pick up the slack where the others leave him short, sometimes.

Cliffy, well, Cliffy is usually doing something else. Downloading music, or jotting down quick ideas for e2. Maybe he is searching the internet, or watching TV. This doesn't usually get in the way of Clifton's work; it even helps Clifton focus at times by not getting bored with his tasks. Cliffy has even been known to lend a hand to Clifton if the schedule gets tight and something needs to get done in a hurry, or if there is a particularly difficult problem that needs more focus (two minds are better than one, right?).

The problem, however, is Pepé. Pepé is always screwing off. He has never lent Clifton a hand. In fact, Pepé has, more than I'd like to admit, distracted Clifton from work completely. If Pepé finds a good movie or a video game he always seems to find a way to talk Clifton into blowing off work; and if he can't do that, sometimes he just screams until Clifton has to search for the Excedrin. Pepé even got arrested once. We were supposed to be working, but Pepé had a better idea, and -- well, it didn't work out like he thought it would.

Pepé isn't all bad though. He plays guitar and chats it up with the ladies. Without Pepé's welcome distractions, Clifton might not have the concentration to ever get anything done, so he can't be gotten rid of.

Maybe Clifton needs to find a job that better fits all of his individual work personalities. Until then, though, Clifton will have to keep taking the discipline for all of Pepé's actions and distractions.

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