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A frightening, spacey freak-out of a song by the Butthole Surfers off their album "ElectricLarryLand." It basically consists of a driving drum line and a simple, repeated melody layered with a variety of very odd sounds and repeated samples of Gibby Haynes frighteningly distorted (as well as simply frightening) voice. It's hard to figure out what he's saying, but you can recognize the repeated phrases:

"I am king of my own dominion . . . dominion, dominion"
"My brother's wife . . . -er's wife, -er's wife, -er's wife"
"And her car . . . her car, her car, her car"
"And her ass, her ass, her ass, her ass"
"And I turn to the left . . . and I see, my brother's wife's breasts."
"I really must . . . be off."
"I really must confess . . ."
"Fuck my brother's wife"
"Oh God"

This song is truly a frightening experience. Fortunately it's followed by the energetic and upbeat "Ah Ha." A very good example of the undeniably maniacal vocal insanity that is Gibby Haynes. I dare anyone to download it.

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