This is a drawing that has brought me endless (okay, finite) amusement. It is hanging on the wall in my friend Jeska's dorm room.

There are several stick figures with dark, circular faces that have eyes and noses floating out in front of them. One of them is standing in front of the others, as if speaking to a classroom. They are all speaking:

- A prepositions is something they use to destroy bildings. Hows that for funny.
- I't Not funny.
- I KNow but you don't know what my mom Locks me up and my baby brother PoKs me at Nite With a StiK throw a holl.
- No. its Not. that a bad Joke you could say atlest we caN be over you away from you any thing but that.
- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Please bear in mind that the artist has no baby brother and has never been locked up at night and poked with a stick through a hole. At the time of drawing this he was in fourth grade.

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